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Extended Stay America is excited to announce upgrades to our Extended Perks rewards program. Basically, we've made it easier to STAY Rewarded with a new Exclusive Member Rate, instant savings and free perks! Join now to get an instant discount code for your next hotel stay once you complete your profile and then take advantage of savings and discounts. If you're already a member, log in to your profile now to see what's new and to book a room using the new Exclusive Member Rate.


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of national and local partners.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Extended Perks Rewards Program

What is Extended Perks?

Extended Perks is our new hotel rewards program that does away with points and instantly gives its members great savings. Enjoy instant savings on hundreds of your favorite brands—everything from dining to rental cars, theme parks, salons, on-line and retail shopping, entertainment, and more! Learn more and join today here

Can I use my 20% promo code more than once?

New Extended Perks members who received our 20% off discount can only apply their promotional code to one upcoming reservation.

I forgot my password to my Extended Perks account. What do I do?

You may reset your password by visiting our login help page. Once you fill out your email address, we will email you a link in which you can reset your password.

Where can I find my rewards/loyalty number?

We’ve done away with loyalty numbers altogether so that guests can focus on saving! Extended Perks does not assign loyalty numbers, points, or physical cards. Once you create an account, you’re automatically eligible to receive every one of the hundreds of the national and local deals and discounts we offer! It’s our way of saying thank you!

How can I sign up for Extended Perks?


Thank you for interest in Extended Perks! You can sign up for our rewards program by simply clicking here. You can also sign up for Extended Perks the next time you book a reservation onsite at a property or when you call our reservation offices

Where can I see my Extended Perks points?

Our Extended Perks program does not dole out points for any stay, purchase, or transaction; the program is completely points-free. By just having signed up for Extended Perks, you are automatically eligible to reap any and all Extended Perks offer, discount, and deal!

Is Extended Perks a tiered or status-based rewards program? How can I achieve a higher status?

Extended Perks is not a tiered or status-based program. All Extended Perks members have the same access to our hundreds of deals.

I made an online reservation while not logged in. Can you add that booking to my profile?

Unfortunately we cannot tie a reservation back to an account after the reservation has been made. In the future, please remember to log in before making a reservation on You may still access your reservation by visiting our find reservations page and inputting your last name and confirmation number. Extended Perks members aren’t “docked” or penalized for not having all of their reservations listed in their accounts—you will always be eligible to reap any of our Extended Perks deals no matter how many times you stay with us!

I had an account with Extended Stay America before the Extended Perks program. What has happened to my account information?

We have done away with usernames as a login credential on Moving forward, past Extended Stay America account holders just need to log in with the email address originally tied to their accounts, and their passwords. Guests who had one account assigned to one email address will still be able to log into their accounts. If you try to log in and our website does not recognize your login information, this most likely means that your account was purged and you will need to create a new account

I have a question about an Extended Perks-related offer.

No problem! Please call 1-877-408-8605 and we’ll be happy to assist you. If you have a question about an offer related to one Extended Stay America’s promotional codes, please contact us via email or by calling 1-800-804-3724.

When will I receive my Extended Perks rewards card? Should I expect to receive physical account summaries?

Extended Perks is 100% digital. Extended Stay America does not send its members physical Extended Perks rewards cards or account summaries via snail mail.

So you don’t have loyalty numbers. What should I plug into my travel planning system at work when it asks for a rewards/loyalty number?

Thank you for choosing Extended Stay America for your business travel needs! Travel planning systems vary—we recommend talking to your travel coordinator or administrator on how best to handle this. However, most systems ask for rewards numbers so that employees can receive their corresponding points. Again, Extended Perks is not a points-based program; we don’t distribute points in any way. You will always be eligible to access all of our Extended Perks deals regardless of the number of Extended Stay America hotel stays listed in your account.

How can I use my Extended Perks on my phone?

We are excited to offer our Extended Perks mobile app, available for iPhones and Android devices. Simply download the app onto your phone, and you’ll instantly have every Extended Perks deal available to you in your pocket! With hundreds of national and local deals available, you’ll be able to save big—no matter where your travels take you!

What is the difference between your weekly deals program and your Extended Perks program?

Our weekly deals email program offers weekly discounts on our Extended Stay America hotels. Our Extended Perks rewards program offers the same great deals on our hotels, plus hundreds of deals to national and local retailers, restaurants, services, and brands.

I’ve downloaded the Extended Perks app and it’s asking me for my mobile access code. Where do I find it?

Guests can obtain their mobile access code by logging into their Perks account on their computers. After logging in on, just click the Extended Perks link at the top of your screen. Once you get to your deals page click the GET THE APP button near the top of your screen. The copy in red is their mobile access code.

Can I use my 20% off promo code on a past/current/pending reservation?

Welcome to Extended Perks! We are excited to offer you one of many discounts off of our hotels! Please note that all of our discounts and offers, including our introductory 20% off discount offered to new Perks members, are not valid on past, pending, or current reservations.

I’m getting too many emails from you. How can I stop receiving so much email?

We apologize for the inconvenience. You can pauselimit, or unsubscribe from our mailings.

How do I delete my Extended Perks account?

Please contact us to delete your account—we’re sorry to see you go!