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Conquering Allergy Season in a New City

Read our tips for handling a new climate while dealing with seasonal allergies.

  • Wash your hands often. Our hands come in contact with a lot of high pollen places, so we suggest washing them every time you come inside, before meals and before touching your face.
  • Keep windows closed. When driving or in your hotel suite, keep windows closed so allergens aren’t blowing into your space.
  • Wipe vents and fans often. Keep the air in your suite clean by dusting fans and air vents.
  • Shower before bed. This will remove any pollen on you from the day, keep your bed clean and help open your airways at night.
  • Purchase an air purifier. If you can afford this extra expense, it will go a long way. This can be used all year to keep the air you breathe clean.
  • Stay inside when pollen counts are high. Check the pollen count at and enter the zip code you’re staying in. This will tell you if pollen counts are high.

While away from home, we hope you find these tips helpful for conquering allergy season in a new environment! Let us know if there are any other tips you have found helpful.

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