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6 min read
Recipes Under $20 to Make in Your Hotel Suite Kitchen
Take advantage of your fully-equipped kitchen with these affordable recipes.
10 min read
Top Extended Perks Partner Offers of 2024
Join the Extended Perks rewards program for free and enjoy instant deals at participating brands.
7 min read
Tips to Save Money on Longer Hotel Stays
As leaders in extended stay hotels, we have some tips and tricks to help you save on hotels... especially when you STAY longer.
6 min read
Creative Packing Tips for an Extended Stay
Let’s take packing for an extended trip to the next level without breaking the bank or buying anything new.
8 min read
Top Extended Stay Travel Destinations This Fall
Make the most of fall by enjoying optimal weather in these cities. Plan your trip today!
5 min read
5 Affordable Things to do in Seattle
Looking for an extraordinary vacation in a city built on history? Check out these fun things to do in Seattle to make your trip unforgettable and affordable.
8 min read
Affordable Things to do in Chicago, IL
Take a trip to the Windy City this Fall and enjoy all it has to offer!
5 min read
6 Affordable Things to do in Los Angeles, CA
Enjoy all the great excursions and adventures Los Angeles has to offer without breaking the bank. There are plenty of popular tourist destinations and local favorites that are free or affordable.
5 min read
How to Make Your Extended Stay Hotel Feel Like a Home
Make the most of your hotel stay and make your room feel like home with these simple steps.
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Recipes Under $20 to Make in Your Hotel Suite Kitchen
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