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How to Make Your Extended Stay Hotel Feel Like a Home

Make the most of your hotel stay and make your room feel like home with these simple steps.

Don’t let being away from home stop you from enjoying the adventure you’re on. Life changes happen, and whether you’re here for a few days, months or more, we’re here to show you how to make the most of your space. Find comfort in the change and make yourself feel at home, even if you’re away from it.

  1. Make home-cooked meals. Take full advantage of the fully equipped kitchens in every suite at Extended Stay America. Put the kitchen to good use and bring your suite to life with an irreplaceable element of home. Cook up that family-favorite recipe passed down from generation to generation and savor the flavors, smells and memories.
  2. Settle in. There are plenty of ways to make a hotel room feel like more than just that. Add some throw pillows, a blanket from home or a rug to bring an element of cozy to your environment. Bonus tip: bring a plant to brighten the environment and bring an additional pop of color to the room.
  3. Put up pictures of your loved ones. Nothing is quite as comforting as our loved ones, so make sure your environment reminds you of them. Whether you have photos, postcards or mementos, bring an element that reminds you of your loved ones.
  4. Unpack your suitcase. Make yourself comfy and STAY Awhile. Unpack your clothes and fill the drawers and/or closet in your room. Make a place for everything and avoid living out of your luggage. Put your luggage out of sight and make this a home away from home for now.
  5. Bring your pet. Nothing says home like having your fur family along for the ride. At Extended Stay America, pets are welcome at all of our hotels, because they’re part of your family, too. Snuggle with your dog in bed, walk them outside or watch your favorite shows with them. After all, your pet deserves to put their paws up and relax, too.
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