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Celebrating Survival with Messages of Hope

Join us in June to celebrate National Cancer Survivors month.

Extended Stay America is celebrating survival in honor of National Cancer Survivors month in June. Join us by leaving a Message of Hope to spotlight the perseverance and resilience survivors display while fighting cancer, as well as to encourage those still fighting to continue the fight to beat cancer.

Here are just some of the messages we’ve received so far:

  • You are braver than you believe and stronger than you think. Kick cancer’s butt! -Angie
  • You’ve GOT THIS!  You are strong.  And when you’re feeling weak, I’m sending you my strength. -Megan
  • You are stronger than cancer because you are a victorious survivor! -Stephanie
  • Celebrating with YOU! -Erica
  • Celebrating your victory!
  • In awe of your strength!
  • Stay Strong!
  • You were made to do hard things! You've got this! -Sarah
  • Congratulations on beating cancer!!
  • Stay strong…cancer cannot beat you.
  • Every step you take in this journey is a testament to your strength and courage. You're not alone; we're all cheering you on. -Brandy
  • You’re amazing—your strength and courage through everything are truly inspiring! -Isobel
  • With encouragement at every step, your inspiring strength fuels hope and faith—keep fighting! -Kevin

Read more Messages of Hope and submit your own at here. Extended Stay America is proud to be The Official Hotel Partner of the American Cancer Society.

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