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Tips to Save Money on Longer Hotel Stays


As leaders in extended stay hotels, we have some tips and tricks to help you save on hotels... especially when you STAY longer.

1. Book Direct
One of the easiest ways to save money on hotels is simply going directly to the source to book. Many third parties like Expedia and charge additional fees. When you cut out the middleman and book directly on a hotel website like, you will save money, time and always get the best rate guaranteed. If plans change, booking direct also gives more flexibility to change or cancel a reservation, depending on the hotel.

2. STAY Longer. Save More.®
Consider extending your stay to take advantage of discounts for longer stays. Extended Stay America’s STAY longer. Save more.® discount will help you save on hotels when adding on a few extra nights. Your savings increase the longer you stay. When you search for a stay for 7+ nights, the discount is automatically applied to the nightly rate. Booking a stay for 30+ nights will help you save up to 45%* at any of our 760+ locations. Prices get better the more nights you stay, so why not immerse yourself in the culture around you and STAY Awhile?

3. Join a Hotel Rewards Program
Many hotel rewards programs are free to join, and you can save money just being a member. Extended Stay America’s rewards program, Extended Perks, offers members an Exclusive Member Rate, Instant Savings and Free Perks. Plus, you get an instant discount code to use on your next reservation just by becoming an Extended Perks member.

4. Sign Up for Promotions and Offers
If you sign up to receive marketing emails, you’re often the first to know of specials, promotions and flash sales, and you're most likely to get early access to them. Once you sign up, you’ll receive email notifications every time we are running a special offer so you can get save when booking your hotel room. Sign up to receive our promotional emails so you never miss another sale again. All you have to do is enter your email address on the footer below to receive Special Offers.

5. Follow the Company on Social Media
Following a company on social media is much like signing up for promotional emails. When you follow a company, you’ll see all the specials and deals that are just for social media followers. Many companies like Extended Stay America also run contests with prizes like gift cards and free hotel stays. Connect with us on social media via the footer below.

One of the most expensive factors of traveling can be lodging, but it doesn’t have to be. Using these expert tips can help you save money on hotels when booking at an Extended Stay America. We look forward to your stay at one of our 760+ locations!

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